What is a breach and how should I report privacy and security related incidents?

A privacy or security incident is a situation that can result in the misuse of confidential information such as your personal information. If you have encountered any of the following, we ask that your report it to Novari as soon as possible: 

  • • You have been the victim (or suspect you have been the victim) of a hacking attempt, malware attack or computer virus. 
  • • You believe that your personal information within the software may have been accessed inappropriately. 
  • • You believe that someone has gained access to your username/password. 
  • • Someone else appears to have access to your account, as evidenced by changes to your account that you did not make. 
  • • You can view personal information about people other than yourself that you do not think you should be able to see. 
  • • You have found a way to circumvent the application’s security measures. 
  • • To report any privacy or security incident, please contact evisitsupport@novarihealth.com as soon as possible, and provide as many details as possible.